Youth Media Project

Everyone has the right to be heard and to have their story told. Here at Youth Crime Watch Liberia, we see Liberian youth being denied that right. We believe in collaborative, participative media education efforts for disenfranchised youth that give our youth the space they deserve to grow, develop, create and be heard.

Our Youth Media Project is strongly connected to our initiative to provide youth a physical and virtual space to discuss the issues that are most pertinent to them, to create solutions to those issues, and to network with government and NGOs to implement those solutions while holding political stakeholders and major actors in the reconstruction and development of Liberia accountable for their actions and promises.

Youth Media Project provides media training and hard experience for young boys and girls ages 15-35 to develop their skills and encourage them to produce truthful, high quality information that will positively transform the image of youth and make their voices heard to positively impact Liberian society and growth.

Purpose of coordinator position: The purpose of the Youth Media Project Coordinator volunteer position is to directly design, manage, monitor and evaluate all program activities and requirements for Youth Crime Watch Liberia’s Youth Media Project. The coordinator will also work with partners to design a curriculum for the program and ensure that all technical trainings run smoothly. The coordinate must ensure that the program mission is being met. Under our Youth Media Project it is our mission.

Typical Functions:

• Recruit program participants and design a competitive application process for the selection.

• Design trainings with experiential or participative learning style simultaneously providing knowledge and developing the skills of participants through active experimentation in the field.

• Design and implement active experimentation activities in the field centered on exposing youth and community issues with the goal to generate active solutions to those issues.

• Network with other NGOs to use field work as an opportunity to survey youth for program design purposes or connecting youth with NGOs for projects or interventions.

• Oversee and guide participants in unbiased information gathering in the field and the editing and production of their content through webcasts, radio and video mediums.

• Understand and research community representatives and platforms for development in Liberia and work with youth to ensure accountability in local governance

• Ensure that the mission of the program is being upheld

• Encourage entrepreneurship in participants and target work for the participants to help create a sustainable future for the program and provide jobs for participants

• Recruit other local or international volunteers to help expand and run the project

• Develop local and international partnerships to sustain and grow the program, acquire materials/funding, and other support.

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Your Role

  • Amplify the voices of youth
  • Promote leadership
  • Foster citizenship
  • Promote democracy and freedom of expression across Liberia

Latest Achievements

  • Partnership with Liberia NGOs
  • Almost 20 projetcsreached

Current Project Needs

  • Volunteer manpower
  • Development of the program

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