Volunteer & Internship Programs


Join us on our prgrams; rated so you can choose your level of adventure.

Journalism & Media

The Journalism programs we offer fall under Print or News paper Journalism, Radio Journalism and Television Journalism. [...]

Human Rights & Civil Law

Join the Law and Human Rights voluntary work placements with Experience Liberia to give you the opportunity to change legislation [...]

Public Health Outreach

Volunteers who wish to specialize in the community outreach aspect of our Liberia Medicine & Healthcare programs . [...]

Youth Media Project

Everyone has the right to be heard and to have their story told. Here at Youth Crime Watch Liberia [...]

Be The Change Academy Project

Join our community outreach projects and help us to empower local people, make a difference and have fun doing it! Help us with a variety of [...]

Sports Coaching Program

Support our community projects in the mornings and become a sports coach volunteer in the afternoons. It's a great way to immerse yourself in the South [...]

Medical & Health Care Outreach

Through our rural medical volunteer opportunities in Liberia we aim to assist with a huge need for medical assistance in the local clinic and through outreach [...]

Teaching Volunteering Program

Join us as an english teaching volunteer and provide much needed support and manpower to an underprivileged school in Liberia [...]

Orphanage Care

Experience Liberia will like to personally invite you to volunteer with us in any of our over-crowded and understaffed orphanages in Liberia. [...]

Wild Life & Conservation

Volunteer with us and enjoy our conservation experience covering the key topics of basic ecology and biodiversity. Immerse yourself in the unique surroundings of the Garden [...]

Disabled Care

Volunteers main role while working on the Disabled Care Volunteer programs is to take care of children, most whom have mental and physical disabilities. Volunteers are needed to feed [...]

Fashion & Design Internship

As a fashion designer Volunteer,intern, you will be introduced to fashion houses where you can learn and upgrade yourself. The project is based in the capital city, Liberia and coastal [...]

International Development Internship

This is a very interesting area of our internship projects in Liberia. This field will provide you the opportunity for you to gain valuable experience while impacting local communities. Liberia is a country that have numerous social [...]

Girls In ICT Project

Some technical skills like engineering, computer technology, agriculture etc are still viewed as the exclusive domains of the male. As a result, many females do not venture into them although opportunities abound for males and females with qualifications in these disciplines. and coastal [...]

Commuity Development

Our community development volunteer programs seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with the skills they need to affect change in their own communities. Experience Liberia works with communities in Liberia for the upliftment of the society. [...]