Volunteer & Internship Programs


Join us on our prgrams; rated so you can choose your level of adventure.

Street Library Project

Liberia is faced with a lack of infrastructure and low secondary school attendance, Liberia’s literacy [...]

Economic Empowerment

This Project is designed to reduce poverty among poor and disadvantaged young girls in Paynesville [...]

Liberia Film Industry Internship

You will be individually placed in a specific company within the film, advertising or media industry, based [...]

Academic Internship Program

Our Academic Internship Program is designed to place college/ university students within various areas of organizations as [...]

Web & Graphic Design Internship

If you’re studying to be a digital creative, consider the many advantages of taking a graphic or web design internship in Liberia [...]

Engineering Internship

Our engineering internships are some of the more competitive and prestigious internship positions offered by our program [...]

Marketing Internship

If you are considering a marketing internship in Liberia, you will have a wonderful range of options to choose from when we search for your ideal [...]

Sustainable Development Internship

Liberia provides a unique setting for interested interns/volunteers in pursuing experience in sustainable development [...]

Research Project

Our Research program is designed for highly qualified and motivated students who are interested in research. [...]