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Journalism & Media

The Journalism programs we offer fall under Print or News paper Journalism, Radio Journalism and Television Journalism. We provide interns with the opportunity to have experience in Liberia's leading media production houses and multi-national advertising agencies giving you a comprehensive experience in television, radio, news paper production and advertising that will help you enhance and develop your career goals in these fields. On our Journalism placements, you do not only get an insider's view of how publications are run but also the exposure that comes with it..

If you are already a working journalist or a student, this is a chance to broaden your horizon and enhance your resume with work experience in a different culture and society, or maybe a different medium.

Job Duties of Newspaper Journalists.

  • Journalists work in newsrooms and in the field, observing, taking good notes, cultivating sources, analysing events objectively and quickly writing accurate articles
  • Newspaper journalists may investigate issues to find the story behind the story, and they need to be well-versed in the laws related to the framework for the press.
  • Some newspaper journalists are given general assignments, special assignments or a regular beat to cover, while others focus on a specific category of news, such as politics, foreign affairs, sports or finances.

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