April 7, 2016

Human Rights & Civil Law Internship

The law and human rights internship program is an ideal opportunity for students or professional interested in pursuing a career in law and human rights. This life-changing internship will offer you the opportunity to gain practical career experience in the field while contributing to improve the human rights effort in Liberia.

As an intern, you will be working with a team of human right advocates in an office setting to address the most critical issues facing women’s rights, child abuse, domestic violence while providing services to individuals and the general public..

Experience Liberia Human Rights internship is based in Liberia, and your exact role will be determined by your level of experience and interest in specific areas. You may also be involved in current legal issues, both through dealing directly with clients and researching broader cases. You will learn how to deal with clients and gain more in-depth idea of the everyday life in a legal office.

This Internship is ideal for law students or graduates seeking practical experience in human rights law. The program is also appropriate for those on a gap year, undergraduate students in areas such as Development Studies and International Relations, or for people of any age and background with a passion for human rights, social justice and international development.

An intern applying for the program is expected to have a genuine interest in effecting change for the better while keeping in mind the long-term aim of the project. Placements are certainly demanding and must be taken seriously. The experiences that you will have while interning in Ghana will give your resume an edge over the competition.

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