Girls In ICT Project


Some technical skills like engineering, computer technology, agriculture etc are still viewed as the exclusive domains of the male. As a result, many females do not venture into them although opportunities abound for males and females with qualifications in these disciplines. The view that the ICT field is for men, lack of access, previous marginalization, lack of educations, and many other reasons why women are into entering into the ICT filed, and are left far behind in the use of such technology has created what is known as a “Digital Divide”. Girls in ICT is to remove the limitations of young women around the access and use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) allowing them to discover their full potential.

• Provide knowledge, awareness and avenues to empower and develop women through the use of Information Communication Technology

• Knowledge – provide skills to access information via the World Wide Web pertaining to individual’s needs. I.E. Agriculture, Health, Business, Education, Literacy, Arts, Media, Culture, Jobs …

• Awareness- to provide women ICT training designed specifically for women to introduce them to the field of ICT, and the possibility to continue as professionals in ICT

• Avenues- link participants to various avenues where they can implement their ICT skills through internships, business management classes/Microloan program, or furthering their education. .

Our Girls in ICT Training programs will require volunteers/interns with following skills:

  • • Have skills in computer science, web Development, programming, graphic design, animation, film or music and want to use those skills to help others
  • • Can commit to at least one month (ideally three or more)
  • • Have strong knowledge in one area, with the ability to troubleshoot problems that the local team might encounter
  • Losing weight
  • • Are ready to live in simple living conditions.
  • • Are willing to experience a completely different culture on the other side of the world.

Spend between one to three months or more in one of the most deprive/vulnerable communities in Liberia mentoring a team of young girls on their way to become entrepreneurs on the global digital market. Built up a relationship with bright and enthusiastic Liberians minds, and enable them to have a successful Information and Communications Technology (ICT) career


Join this meaningful internship project to make an impact

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